Travelove Series 1
Travelove Series is about the smiles I have gathered during my travels. I consciously look for Travelove during my travels. Here is the first post around that.

Travelove Series 1 – Peking Duck

I was tired and hungry after combing through the Hutongs in Beijing. I had walked, rode on rickshaw, walked yet again, gone to a Hutong resident’s house, visited the drum and the bell tower and had walked some more.

After navigating the maze called the Hutongs, I had finally managed to extricate myself to some semblance of civilisation I recognised. There was a mall across the bustling road and some humble shops and eateries on the side where I emerged.

I had wanted to dine on the world-famous Peking Duck the way locals had it. I spotted a restaurant – Beijing Roast Duck.

The name sounded promising. I went in and settled down. The young Chinese girl brought me the menu and left me to peruse through it.

I opened it to realise it was all in Chinese (language). Helplessly, I waved at the waitress. She could not understand my predicament. Somehow, sign language helped and she looked around and asked other guests if someone understood English.

A family of 5 had a young man who volunteered to help. And, I got my Peking Duck the way locals enjoy it ☺